Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Coverage continued

In the “Politics” sections of both sites today there are different stories covered as noted below:

CNN: The biggest story had to do with the omnibus budget bill. Another is a Reuters’ story about a government auditor who said that the U.S. Army should withhold some future payments to Halliburton for work in Iraq due to billing disputes. Another was entitled, “Top-donating corporate PACs favored GOP.” A fourth news report had to do with a federal judge denying a request by the Green party presidential candidate who wanted to force a recount of Ohio ballots even before the official count was finished.

Fox: First is a story about a CIA report regarding Iran’s nuclear activity. Another is about the future of the 9th Circuit Federal Appeals Court [considered by some to be a liberal activist court]. A third story was from the AP entitled, “Government Open But Dems Still Mad.”

There was a wide range of stories covered but very little overlap between what Fox and CNN covered.

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