Tuesday, November 30, 2004


A look at headlines for both shows the following. These are headlines from the home pages and from the U.S., World, and Politics, sections. I have only included news headlines from stories that might be of political interest to liberals and conservatives.

CNN and Fox both covered Tom Ridge stepping down, Bush’s visit to Canada, Iraq news, and the resignation of head of the NAACP.

CNN covers:
Falluja 'a horror' after U.S.-led offensive
Bill lets Musharraf keep dual role
Bush nudges intelligence overhaul bill
Gutierrez, Kellogg lobbied for cheaper sugar
Groups advocate allowing foreign-born president
Democrats raised at least $13 million in November

Fox covers:
School’s Carol Rule for the Grinch?
Panel Recommends Sweeping Changes at the U.N.
Sept. 11 Families Urge Action on Intel Reform
GOP Discusses National Sales Tax
Sen. Coleman: Annan Should Resign
San Diego Mayoral Vote Certification Blocked
Dutch Hospital Euthanizing Terminally Ill Newborns

Generally, it would appear to me that CNN’s stories are geared more toward liberal readers and Fox’s towards conservatives. This may not be a big revelation to some but when compared, it is hard to dismiss the differences.

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