Friday, November 26, 2004

Iraqi Elections

Both have stories this date on a potential delay in the Iraqi elections. CNN’s is entitled “Ex-Iraqi foreign minister backs call to delay elections.” Underneath that headline is a smaller headline of “Blast in Baghdad's Green Zone kills four British security workers.” Fox’s AP story headline is “U.S. Forces Find More Bodies in Mosul” and starts with U.S. forces finding bodies of apparent victims of the insurgents’ intimidation campaign. Both articles cover many of the same facts but do so in different order. They cover various events around Iraq.

CNN’s first 154 words talk about calls for delays. Then Bush’s opinion is quoted. Following Bush administration comments, there are another 132 words on the election and most pertain to the extension of deadlines in submitting candidate lists and the certifying of political parties. Fox quotes Bush in the 2nd paragraph. The next part of the Fox article is an update of events in Iraq. At the end of the article, 388 words are devoted to the election-delay issue.

CNN talked of a “group of 15 Iraqi political parties, backed by former Iraqi foreign minister Adnan Pachachi” and later they add “The call Friday came at a meeting that marked the first time the Sunni parties were joined by secular parties, including the two major Kurdish parties.” Fox says, “17 political parties representing Sunni Arabs, Kurds, Christians and secular groups demanded postponing the vote for at least six months until the government is capable of securing polling places.” Fox presents views from both Sunnis (delay) and Shiites (no delay).

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