Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Operation Plymouth Rock

On November 23rd, CNN and Fox both ran articles about a new war campaign in Iraq. CNN’s was entitled, “U.S., Iraqi forces hit rebels south of Baghdad.” The Fox headline was “'Operation Plymouth Rock' Nabs Terrorists.” Both articles start with information about the operation and then they each go on to talk about other news in Iraq.

For the first part of the article on the operation, Fox uses “terrorists” twice to describe insurgents. CNN does not use the term “terrorist.” Both talk of the capture of 32 suspected insurgents. Fox also notes the arrests of another 45 terrorists. Fox uses 224 words for this portion of the article, CNN 133. Fox adds two quotes by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld.

As the articles continue they switch to other topics from Iraq. CNN covers Secretary of State Powell’s statements from an international conference on the Middle East. CNN also covers the killing of two Sunni clerics. Fox covers Fallujah including this quote, “And "there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that Iraqis ... realize the importance and their role and their mission" in making sure Iraq is put on the way toward democracy, Myers added.” Fox also covers news on al-Sadr followers.

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