Monday, December 20, 2004

Bush News Conference

Both ran an article on Bush’s news conference. CNN ran an 804 AP story and Fox did their own that was over twice as long at 1711words. Headlines:

CNN: “Bush pushes second-term agenda”

Fox: “Bush holds end-of-year news conference”

Fox’s headline is more neutral than CNN’s “pushes.”

CNN’s AP story starts with Bush’s comments on the federal budget and then covers Rumsfeld and Iraq, social security, Russian President Putin, and the “failed” Homeland Security secretary nomination, and national intelligence.

Fox covered the following topics, in order: Iraq, Usama Bin Laden, Rumsfeld, Homeland Security (including national intelligence, the HS secretary position, Guantanamo Bay prisoners, immigration), federal budget, tax code, social security, and President Putin.

Fox covered much more information. Why is that the case? What was behind the decisions by both CNN and Fox?

Item of interest: On the topic of Kerik’s name being withdrawn for Homeland Security secretary, CNN uses the term “failed nomination” and calls it a “controversy.” Fox does not use any type of negative term. CNN used this quote: "In retrospect he made the right decision to pull his name down," Bush said. "The lessons learned is continue to vet and ask questions." Bush’s quote in Fox’s article is “I've got great confidence in our vetting process. So the lessons learned is continue to vet and ask good questions.” Any reason CNN did not put in the sentence about his confidence in the vetting process?

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