Monday, December 27, 2004

Bush's Judicial Nominations

CNN and Fox News both had articles Christmas Eve on Bush re-nominating a group of judicial nominees. I find both articles to be balanced between the views of the administration and democratic opposition. However, there were some key differences:

Both give numbers of nominees that had been approved. Fox: 204 out of 214 according to a quote attributed to Sen. Schumer (D-NY). CNN: 18 confirmed out of 34 for appeals courts and 88 of 97 for district courts; citing the DOJ official web site. Also CNN has Sen. Leahy saying that over 200 nominees had been supported. CNN also mentions information from Leahy that “the federal court system has its lowest number of vacancies in 16 years.” This is not mentioned by Fox although they have other quotes from Leahy.

CNN twice refers to the fact that this is an important issue given the possibility of a new Supreme Court nominee during Bush’s term. Fox does not mention this.

CNN notes briefly that Judge Charles Pickering Sr. will retire and withdraw his nomination and that he “blamed Democrats for forcing him to step down.” Fox has more detail on Pickering and includes this statement: “Pickering said that he thought opposition to the president's nominees did cost Democratic lawmakers, especially Sen. Tom Daschle the minority leader from South Dakota who was defeated by Republican John Thune.” Fox also quotes Sen. Cornyn (R-TX) saying that:

"I think the American people sent a strong message on November 2 against the obstructionist tactics that, unfortunately, we saw all too often in the past four years. I'm hopeful that the will of the American people has been made clear to the obstructionists and that these 20 nominees will receive swift up or down votes, as all judicial nominees deserve."

CNN also quoted Cornyn but did not include the quote noted above.

Why didn’t Fox mention the possible Supreme Court nomination in the near future? Why did CNN?

Why did Fox include information on possible repercussions to Democrats because of the filibusters? Why didn’t CNN make mention of that?

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