Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Time to look again at what stories are being covered. Again this is hard to do because both web sites are updated regularly. But, in taking just a snapshot view right now I found that several stories are covered by both CNN and Fox. Here are some headlines of stories that, at this moment in time (as shown by primary links from their sites’ main pages), are only being covered by one:


Hollywood targets illegal movie downloads

Insurgency forces change in U.S. supply tactics

Stars in Iraq offer relief to troops

African Union pushes Darfur peace talks

Report: Bioterror readiness lacking

Sources: Reid, Pelosi back Roemer for DNC

U.S. opposes third term for IAEA chief

Medicare payment errors near $20 billion

Fox News:

AP: U.S. AIDS report doctored

Abbas: Uprising must end

Retiree health benefits heading towards extinction

Tyco questioned in oil-for-food probe

Condi Rice more that the sum of her parts

TV council targets racy programming

HHS chief may have to cut programs

Some of these stories that are missing on one web site may eventually be covered but this does show it pays to read more than one source.

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