Friday, December 17, 2004

Global Warming -- revisited

For my post on the December 15th, “Global Warming,” I mentioned that CNN and Fox had chosen two different AP stories on global climate changes. Today, CNN is running the same Fox AP story from the 15th. Both attribute the stories to AP but, as I have noted before, sometimes the AP stories are not exactly the same. In this case, the articles are almost exact with some paragraphs being in a different order. However CNN’s article is a little longer (702 words vice 632 for Fox) so I looked for the differences.

Fox included this statement that CNN did not have:

"This was a very warm year," said Michel Jarraud, the World Meteorological Organization secretary-general.

CNN included these two paragraphs:

Scientists say a sustained increase in temperature change is likely to continue disrupting the global climate, increasing the intensity of storms, potentially drying up farmlands and raising ocean levels, among other things.

The extreme weather of 2004 extended to storms. Certain climate models predict more severe weather with the onset of global warming, but scientists say it is too early to tell if this year's storms are linked to climate change.

Fox’s statement above is not that critical to the article. CNN’s statements above mention potential future effects. Why did CNN include those statements and/or why did Fox exclude them?

Incidentally, later on the 15th, Fox ran the same AP article as CNN had on a study of changes in the Northeast. In this case, the AP articles are the same.

Links to the articles:,2933,141556,00.html,2933,141646,00.html

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