Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Global Warming

[Note: This is an edit dated December 17th. Please see my post on "Global Warming -- revisited" on the 17th. I considered deleting this post but decided to keep it and add this comment plus a new post.]

Both CNN and Fox News covered a variety of events with lots of unique stories (covered by one but not the other) as noted in yesterday’s post. They also covered some identical AP stories. They took different angles for global warming articles. CNN ran with an AP story headlined, “Earlier spring from global warming, say researchers.” It was about a report concerning warming trends in the Northeast. It says, “In one of the most comprehensive studies that plants in the Northeast are responding to the global warming trend…” It talks of the effects on plants and animals. It concludes with:

Heat-trapping greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane are produced mainly by industry, automobiles and power plants. Climatologists say the gases absorb infrared radiation and trap heat in the atmosphere.

Fox went with an AP story they entitled, “2004 Fourth-Hottest Year on Record.” It was about a U.N. agency report. At one point the article says:

The report's release comes as environmental ministers from some 80 countries gathered in Buenos Aires for a United Nations conference on climate change, looking at ways to cut down on greenhouse gases that some say contribute heavily to Earth's warming.

Fox’s AP article talks about the number of typhoons and hurricanes and the impact on the insurance industry.

Interesting choices of articles. CNN more directly ties global warming to greenhouse gases. Fox’s says “some say” that greenhouse gases contribute heavily.

Links to the articles:,2933,141646,00.html

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