Thursday, December 09, 2004

Howard Dean

Former presidential candidate Howard Dean spoke Wednesday at George Washington University; CNN and Fox both covered the event.

CNN’s “Dean: Democratic Party must rebuild” article starts with Dean saying that his party needs to be rebuilt. Fox starts with Dean “looking for a new life, and not coincidentally , the Democratic Party.” Their headline was “Dean Courts Dems for Top Party Post.”

Both are about the same length with 434 words for CNN and 410 words for Fox. CNN had 173 words of direct quotes from Dean and Fox has a little short of that at 158 words of direct quotes. Of the quotes, only one quote of 18 words was included by both. Why did they choose primarily different quotes? What was behind those choices? Most of CNN’s quotes of Dean were about the Republican party and where they have been wrong; most of Fox’s quotes were about the Democrats and things that Dean would like to fix.

CNN notes that there was “a crowd of cheering students and faculty.” The Fox article simply states that there was “an audience.”

The article links:,2933,140946,00.html

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