Thursday, December 02, 2004


A CNN article and a Fox AP article discuss efforts to pass the Intelligence Bill. CNN’s article focuses more on efforts by Bush and others to get the stalled bill passed. The headline was “GOP senator: Bush pushing for intelligence bill.” Fox’s AP story’s headline was “Two Issues Block Intelligence Bill” and concentrated more on the issues holding it up but it did address the efforts to get the bill moving. Other than the different approaches, both seemed fair and not slanted to the left or right, in my opinion.

Not much else to report on today. I occasionally talk about what each is covering by looking at their headlines but with the frequent updates on their web sites, it can be difficult to equally compare since they may not update their web sites at the same time. In addition to comparing articles on the same subject, I will continue to try and compare unique stories that one chooses to cover and the other does not. I will take into consideration adequate time for the articles to appear on their web sites.

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