Saturday, December 11, 2004


In stories on Iraq this morning, Fox ran an AP story entitled, “Insurgents Use Hospital in Ambush on Troops.” Their story was mostly about the details of the event, covering it with 375 words. The story ended with a short mention of U.S. forces blowing up a “large cache of confiscated weapons in the Sofia suburb of Ramadi” and the release of 100 Iraqi detainees.

CNN’s article was entitled, “Gunmen kill 2 top-level Iraqi crime fighters.” Their story includes that event plus a car bomb in Mosul and three election workers killed earlier in the week. They mention the hospital ambush but only devote 79 words to that story.

Maybe later today both will run stories on the other Iraq events but if you were just reading the news this morning from one web site, look at the facts that you would have missed.

The article links:,2933,141232,00.html

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