Saturday, December 25, 2004

Rumsfeld visit to Iraq

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld made a surprise visit on New Years Eve to Iraq. The coverage varied. Fox ran three different AP stories (although two were very similar). CNN ran one story of their own with Rumsfeld in the headline and another about Iraq with a section on Rumsfeld. CNN had 640 total words on the visit while Fox had over 1200 (not counting the third article that was similar to one of the others). Fox obviously has more information on the visit given almost twice the coverage.

Here are some quotes from Fox’s coverage that were not found at CNN’s site:

The questions from the troops for Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld were considerably more friendly on his Christmas Eve visit to Iraq than they were on his previous trip to the region a couple of weeks ago.

"How do we win the war in the media?" asked one soldier in Mosul. Another soldier in Tikrit wondered why there is not more coverage of reconstruction efforts going on in the country.

But he said in Mosul that the full picture "gets through eventually" and that "people do understand the acts of kindness and that large parts of the country are peaceful."

Here is a quote from CNN not found in Fox’s articles

While in Tikrit, a soldier asked Rumsfeld whether the size of the U.S. Armed Forces will be increased. He answered the Army would be growing by about 30,000, according to Capt. Bill Coppernoll of the Army's 1st Infantry Division. U.S. forces have been stretched by campaigns under way in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Amazing differences in what each chooses to write about.

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