Sunday, December 05, 2004

Senate Minority Leader

Both news sources had articles about the new incoming Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid (D-Nevada) and his statements on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” CNN’s headline was “Dems' new Senate leader criticizes Justice Thomas” with a smaller sub-headline of “Frist vows GOP to pursue options to overcome filibusters.” CNN chose to focus on Reid’s comments about Justice Thomas of the Supreme Court by starting with that and including it in the headline. The article went on to talk about Reid’s more favorable impression of Justice Scalia. It ends with statements from Reid and Senate Majority Leader Frist’s comments on filibusters.

By contrast, Fox ran an AP story that focused on Reid’s desire to have President Bush consult with Democrats on Supreme Court nominees. Fox has Reid’s same quote about Thomas but does so near the end of the article.

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