Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sudan Crisis

In addition to comparing CNN and Fox News articles on the same event, I occasionally look at what articles they cover. I noticed in my “2004: Top ten stories” post below that CNN had listed the Sudan crisis as number 9 but Fox did not list it at all. Today I did a search of both sites using “Sudan” as the search term. The following headlines, specifically about the Sudan crisis (this excludes articles such as the Pope’s Christmas message that mentions Sudan, among other things), were listed for the last 10 days:


U.N. suspends Sudan food convoys (12.29.2004)
Sudan, southern rebels reach peace agreement (12.25.2004)
Darfur rebel group rejects talks (12.23.2004)
Bush authorizes $300M for Sudan (12.23.2004)
U.N. puts Darfur dead at 70,000 (12.21.2004)
Sudan foes suspend peace talks (12.21.2004)
U.S. presses Sudan over cease-fire (12.21.2004)
Charity pulls staff from Darfur (12.21.2004)
New attack hinders Darfur monitors (12.20.2004)
AU: Darfur clashes continue (12.19.2004)
AU: No end to Darfur hostilities (12.19.2004)



See what you miss if you just use one source for your news! Be sure and see the post on the oil-for-food crisis.

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