Friday, January 28, 2005


Sometimes CNN and Fox both run identical AP stories. However, they choose different headlines. I believe headlines can be important for two reasons: (1) sometimes that is all that some people read; and (2) the headline can shape the reader’s perspective as the article is read. Here are some recent examples of different headlines for the same article:

CNN: Kerry plugs his health care plan

Fox: Kerry Takes Aim at Bush Health Care Plans
CNN is seemingly more positive to Kerry while Fox views it as an attack on Bush’s plans.


CNN: Kennedy calls for Iraq withdrawal

Fox: Kennedy wants pullout timeline
CNN emphasizes Kennedy wanting withdrawal while Fox is looking for just a timeline for withdrawal. CNN’s “calls” is stronger than Fox’s “wants.”


CNN: Democrats jockey to lead party

Fox: Dems battle for “anti-Dean” role
CNN has them “jockeying” which sounds less combative than Fox’s “battling” (although battling is in the first sentence of the AP article).


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