Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Interviews with Pres. Bush

Interviews with Pres. Bush

President Bush did a pre-inaugural interview with CNN’s John King and also with Fox News’ Jim Angle. There are differences in the subsequent articles as one might expect. I found CNN to be a little more negative towards Bush and Fox to be more positive. Here are the headlines:

CNN: “Bush: Better human intelligence needed;” there was also a smaller sub-headline which read “President admits U.S. image problem in Muslim world.”

Fox: “Bush: U.S. will try to spread democracy.”

CNN’s headline points out problems that need to be addressed while Fox’s headline states a goal of the president. This can be seen in the opening sentences as well:

CNN: “President Bush said Tuesday that the United States needs better intelligence gathering to further gains in the so-called global war on terrorism.”

Fox: “Voters in America re-elected President Bush in spite of troubles in Iraq because they understand the American objective to establish democracy around the world, Bush told FOX News on Tuesday.”

I am curious about CNN’s use, in its opening sentence, of the term “so-called global war on terrorism.” Why “so-called”? Is that because it is not a formally declared war? Maybe the term is not that important but maybe it does indicate a CNN bias. One of the main points of my blog is to get your news through multiple sources. Just reading CNN or Fox will not give you the complete picture.

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