Saturday, January 29, 2005

Iraq--Election Eve

This morning I looked at how each was covering the election in Iraq. I noticed that their home pages took different approaches (these pictures are cropped from screen shots of their home pages):


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Both cover the violence in Iraq but Fox’s “Defending Democracy” is more Bush-friendly. CNN’s biggest headline emphasizes the number killed. I checked a few other sites. Here are their home page headlines:

BBC: Violence ‘will deter many Iraqis’
MCNBC: Low Expectations; Iraqi president says violence will keep most from the polls
NPR News: Iraq prepares for Sunday election, despite violence
Aljazeera: US, Iraqi casualties ahead of elections

[Note: It is now about an hour after I posted the above. I checked again and this time CNN's headline was one of the sub-headlines above; i.e., "Iraqis hopeful despite threat of bloodshed." Web sites change constantly so this type of analysis can only be a snapshot in time.]

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