Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq--Polls Close

The polls are closed and, to continue with what I started, I have listed the headlines of several news web sites. This time CNN is a little more positive than Fox although Fox had a sub headline of “Iraqis defy threats of violence.” The headlines indicate that the election was successful despite some violence. The best that Aljazeera can say is that the results were mixed.

CNN: Iraq officials report high voter turnout
: Polls close in Iraq
: Iraq election declared ‘success’
MSNBC: Polls close
(had two headlines): (1) Iraqis cast their votes despite attacks (2) Rice: Iraqi election tops expectations
(had two headlines): (1) U.S. hails Iraqi vote; Rice says tough days ahead (2) Iraqi voters stream to polls; 33 die in attacks
Aljazeera: Iraqis show mixed response to polls

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