Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Malpractice Award Limits and Pres. Bush

Concerning Bush’s speech in Illinois about malpractice award limits, CNN ran an AP story and Fox News did their own. Both were reasonably fair, in my opinion. Here is an interesting difference:

CNN: “Behind him [Bush], the White House advance team arrayed audience members in white medical coats.”

Fox: “…Bush said, standing on stage in front of dozens of doctors in white lab coats…”

Hmmm, I wonder what really happened. I suppose both could be true and that they were doctors but that the Bush advance team wanted to make sure that they looked the part. Or, they weren’t doctors (as CNN/AP seems to imply) and the advance team wanted them to look the part.

Here is another interesting difference:

CNN, quoting Sen. Kennedy (D-MA): “Barely two months after promising to unify and heal the country after a bitter election, the president's again pushing for legislation that will further divide it.”

Fox, quoting Sen. Reid (D-NV): “If the president is serious about bringing down health care costs, Senate Democrats stand ready to work with him to enact reforms that deal with the health care crisis in a meaningful way.”

Neither quote was in the other article. Reid’s comment was strong in opposition but the quote did include that statement about willingness to work together whereas CNN's article quotes Kennedy as talking about how devisive the President is being. Check out the articles if you want to see the complete context.

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