Saturday, January 15, 2005

Murder/Killing of an Iraqi Teen

On December 10, 2004 CNN ran an article on a soldier pleading guilty to murdering an Iraqi teenager. Fox ran an AP article. Look at the difference between the headlines:

CNN: “GI pleads guilty to murdering Iraqi teen.”

Fox: “GI pleads guilty to killing Iraqi teen.”

CNN uses the term “murdering” which has much different connotations than Fox’s use of the word “killing.” The actual charge included murder but they differ in how they reported that:

CNN: “pleaded guilty to charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder”

Fox/AP: “pleaded guilty to one count of unpremeditated murder and one count of soliciting another soldier to commit unpremeditated murder”

Again, CNN’s terminology is harsher by just using “murder” without the qualifier “unpremeditated” that Fox's AP article uses. There are differences in their opening sentences:

CNN: “A U.S. soldier pleaded guilty to murder charges Friday related to his role in the shooting death of a wounded Iraqi teenager.”

Fox/AP: “A U.S. soldier pleaded guilty Friday to killing a severely wounded Iraqi teenager in what investigators say may have been a mercy killing.”

CNN mentions the possibility of it being a mercy killing at the end of its article whereas Fox has it in its first sentence.

Both articles are basically accurate, I believe, but with different slants. A reader of only one of the articles might have a different impression of the event than someone who only read the other.

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