Thursday, January 13, 2005

Pro CNN? Pro Fox?

Some who visit this blog may wonder whether I am taking a conservative or liberal approach, pro-CNN or pro-Fox. What I am trying to do is show that both are biased. If you read through the posts you will see examples of both. Some of my favorites so far are:

Howard Dean -- photos (January 11th)
Malpractice Award Limits and Pres. Bush (January 5th)
Syria and Iraq (January 4th)
Palestinian Leader Abbas (January 1st)
Sudan Crisis (December 29th)
Person of the Year -- Bush (December 19th)
President Bush's Physical (December 12th)


Payam Sharifi said...

After all of the information that you gather, you MUST be smart enough to figure out that Fox has much more bias than CNN. The oil for food scandal is evidence in itself. Fox plays and replays clip after clip about something so old. Must I forget to mention that while CNN tries to portray the news without bias, KEYWORD IS TRIES, Fox doesnt, instead they have mostly conservative commentators. Let me tell you something: dont try and make things as if they are the same. This is almost never the case. People who say that CNN is biased are people who dont watch it. THey are people that want to hear a right wing bias, as I have come to figure out.

bigredpackman said...

Only a biased reader could come to the conclusion that FOX is more biased than CNN.

I totally agree that they are equally biased, and that is coming from a conservative. But I am a very openminded conservative always seeking the truth. I am often appalled by the bias seen in Bill O'Reilly, and Sean Hannity. Ofcourse I am even more insulted by the misinformation and maliciousness of CNN reports, that is because of my bias.

The truth here is that they are both biased (extremely), as was discovered by UCLA scientists. They found that both CNN and FOX are nearly equal in their opposing biases, with one exception. Brit Hume was found to be one of the most centrist of all news reports including all cable and network news, only the little watched Newshour with Jim Lehrer is more centrist.

All in all I love this blog because it gives both sides and shows the bias in each.

I do have one dig against CNN. Have you noticed that CNN often writes their own biased stories whereas FOX uses AP stories. I am sure that FOX picks and chooses which AP writers to utilize but in anycase it goes to show that CNN has more hands on bias ie; murdering someone vs hiring a hitman. Just thought that was interesting.

Anonymous said...

The rating of Fox is higher than CNN. Why more people watch Fox? This is not "never case", I think ths blog is great. All news channel can be biased. And it is very important that people get the news from the both side to make right decision.

Anonymous said...

tard, CNN has always been rated #1, fox is too sensationalist, and plus the O'rielly, what a joke. Not that I like either station, theyre both biased but im just stating the facts.