Friday, January 07, 2005

Senate Hearing -- Part 2

Readers might get different impressions of Sen. Biden’s (D-DE) comments at Alberto Gonzales’ senate hearing.

This is CNN’s only Biden quote:

However, Sen. Joseph Biden, a Democrat from Delaware, accused Gonzales of hiding behind a "straw man" to avoid answering questions. "That's malarkey," Biden said. "You are obliged to comment. That's your judgment we're looking at. ... We're looking for candor."

Fox includes these quotes from Sen. Biden (D-DE):

"Not that it is relevant, but I like you. I like you. You are the real deal," Democratic Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware told Gonzales. "I don't know anybody who's announced they're against your being the next attorney general. Even those who have doubts about you say you're going to be confirmed." …

Despite Biden's personal affinity for Gonzales, he warned him against demurring from questions about his personal opinion on current abuse cases, saying as attorney general, he is no longer the president's counsel, but would be representing the nation. "This is about the judgment you have exercised and whether or not the next four years, the judgment you're going to give the president" is most appropriate "in this time of dire concern about terror," Biden said.

Did Fox soft pedal it too much? Why did CNN not choose to include the positive comments made by Biden?

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