Sunday, January 30, 2005

Terrorist Bombings: Suicide vs. Homicide

I just did a search at both Fox's and CNN's web sites for "homicide bombing" and looked at the results for January. CNN had none while Fox had eight (five of which were AP stories). Fox emphasizes the results of the terrorist/insurgent bombings by using the term "homicide." "Suicide bombing" emphasizes the bomber. While both are true, the choice of wording presents different viewpoints.

[I also searched "suicide bombing" and both sites had numerous articles.]

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Conrad H. Kilroy said...

If sacrifice was not involved, obviously misleading to misidentify a "Suicide Bombing" as "Homocide Bombing".

Tim McVeigh - Homicide Bomber
Muslim Extremists - 'Typically' Suicidal Bombers

Speaking of which, I hope this commercial airs during the Superbowl.