Monday, January 10, 2005

United Nations: Oil for Food

CNN and Fox News ran stories of U.N. financial audits that were released today related to the U.N. oil-for-food scandal. The articles were quite different but seemed to cover the basic facts. Here are a couple of differences:

* CNN says, in the first sentence, that the documents released today “detail alleged mismanagement.” Fox was a little stronger saying the documents “show a systemic failure by the United Nations to adequately oversee the program.”

* CNN includes quotes from Secretary-General Annan in defense of the U.N., whereas Fox does not. However, both include comments from a U.N. spokesman.

* CNN quotes only one U.S. congressional critic, Sen. Coleman (R-MN). Fox quotes three: Sen. Coleman, Rep. Lantos (D-CA), and Rep. Shays (R-CT).

Was Fox a little tougher on the U.N.? Why did they not report Annan's reaction? Why did CNN only include one senator's comments?

Links to the articles:,2933,143855,00.html

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