Tuesday, February 22, 2005

AIDS Research

Both ran stories on the tight budget for the National Institutes of Health. This could potentially have a negative affect on AIDS research. CNN ran a Reuters story while Fox News had an AP article. Both articles have basically the same information but there are differences that might indicate Fox is being more favorable to the administration than CNN. Or, I could say that CNN is being a little harsher on the administration than Fox. Here are a few differences:

* After its opening sentence, CNN’s article goes right into the budget situation and later talks about the current goals of AIDS research. Fox first mentions some information about AIDS research and then talks about the specific budget situation, ending with more research information.

* CNN talks of “Bush administration’s 2006 budget.” Fox never uses Bush’s name or says the word “administration.”

* CNN’s article states: “The Bush administration has proposed its tightest budget as it seeks to curb budget deficits that have soared on its watch.” Fox does not mention the overall budget situation.

* Both articles talk about spending money wisely on the most promising research. Fox gives an example of a “a controversial study in Thailand that critics have attacked.” CNN gives no specific examples where money might be better spent.

* CNN, by word count, devotes 75% of the article to budget/funding issues. The rest of the article talks about the latest efforts in AIDS research. By contrast, Fox has 36% of its article about money issues and the rest on AIDS research methodology.

Final note: I am not saying that either article is better, just that they are different. You could probably merge these two article together and get a better picture of what is going on.

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Robert the Happy Squirrel said...

You know, I think you have a point. You have mentioned this in the past, that only by considering two opposing articles together can you get a fuller picture of a given story. Its unfortunatel, that your site is one of the few where one can go to get "both sides". You might end up starting your own news site with out even intending it.