Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bush and Putin -- photos

I do not want to get too hung up on the photos that accompany the articles. Often CNN and Fox have very comparable pictures. However, on Bush’s trip to Europe I’ve noticed that Fox’s pictures present a slightly more positive view of the President and his relationship with other leaders. I’ve noted a few examples in earlier posts and here is another. These pictures are from Bush in Slovakia and meetings with Russia’s Putin. CNN has one distant picture of Bush speaking as shown below and one picture of Putin and Bush together that was not with the article but on the "Inside Politics" page. Fox has a picture of him just before speaking but, in addition, the two other pictures shown below when he was with Putin. All of the pictures are from the AP so it would seem that Fox and CNN had the same potential choices to make. Why are Fox’s more positive (or CNN’s not as positive as they could be)?


CNN (AP) 2nd picture was not with article but on "Inside Politics" page

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Fox (AP) ...the third picture is Bush listening to a translation

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Anonymous said...

It isn't only conservatives who claim CNN is biased, and biased toward the collectivist left.
Any objective person who has much knowledge of what goes on in the world, and especially what goes on in American politics and in philosophical thought, knows CNN is biased, biased to the point of dishonesty.
Journalists can be biased through ignornace, and most of them seem to be (it's their politics that is liberal, not their education), rather than dishonest.
I'll be glad to point out some examples.
Michael Morrison