Monday, February 14, 2005

Drones Over Iran?

CNN and Fox each ran their own story about the U.S. allegedly flying drones over Iran. Both articles are about the U.S. government responses to a Washington Post story that the U.S. is spying on Iran’s nuclear facilities and checking their air defenses. CNN is more suspicious of Pentagon denials. Fox offers a reason why the U.S. would not want to fly drones over Iran.

Their headlines show the different perspectives:

CNN: “Conflicting word on U.S. drones over Iran

Fox: “Pentagon denies flying drones over Iran.”

While CNN provides lots of official denial statements, it does cite “two well-placed U.S. government sources” as confirming the flights. CNN twice notes that the administration had faulty intelligence on Iraq.

Fox offers the following points that would support the Pentagon’s denials:

* “We’re not the only ones” who fly drones [from a Pentagon “defense official”].

* “U.S. military commanders point out that the flights would be very risky since Predator and other drones are very slow and could easily be shot down. A crash, which is not uncommon for drones, could also present a host of problems.”

If you only read one source, you would be missing information that may be important to your feelings on the matter.

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