Friday, February 18, 2005


So far, as I have compared news on the web sites of CNN and Fox News, I have stuck to hard news and have not examined opinion pieces and editorials, etc. However, I had to say something about the contrast that I see on the web sites tonight concerning what each had to say about France. Here are the headlines, first sentences, and links to each article:

CNN: “Consumers power French growth” [PARIS, France (AP)]

France's strongest consumer spending in nearly four years pushed economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2004 to its best performance in 18 months, national statistics agency Insee said Friday.

FOX: “Renewed Call to Boycott France” [a Talking Points article by Bill O’Reilly]

When are we Americans going to wise up? How many times does the French government, led by Jacques Chirac, have to put all of us in danger before we get the picture? France is helping worldwide terrorism.,2933,148011,00.html

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