Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Headline Bias?

As I have stated before, I believe that headlines can have an impact on the reader. The reader’s perspective may be framed by the wording and tone of the headline. Sometimes maybe even the article is skipped and only the headline is read. The wording chosen for headlines can indicate bias by the news source, even if unintentional. Here are three recent examples from today and yesterday. In the first two cases, the articles are identical AP stories. In the third example, the articles are different but they cover the same story. In these three cases, Fox's choice of wording is more favorable to the president, his wife, and Governor Romney (R-MA). CNN’s headlines are more matter-of-fact. Liberals may believe in these cases that Fox is showing its conservative bias. Conservatives may believe that CNN is showing their liberal bias by not wanting to say anything positive about the President or his wife in these examples.



Laura Bush meets troops in Germany

Laura Bush Thanks U.S. Soldiers

Romney visits South Carolina

Romney Enjoys Southern Hospitality

Author: Bush tapes not meant for public

Tapes Show Bush's Concern About Past

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