Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Kyoto and Global Warming

CNN ran an AP article from New York on the Kyoto global-warming pact going into effect. Fox ran an AP article from Tokyo on the same subject. Many of the facts are the same in each article. I have an earlier post that showed that CNN has been running more stories than Fox on global warming issues. This AP article from CNN talks more than Fox’s about global warming being caused in part by greenhouse emissions. Fox discusses more of the specific issues in Japan whereas CNN focuses more on the EU. The articles are uneven about covering White House views. Here are some details:

With regard to global warming and its causes, Fox devotes only one sentence specifically to the issue. CNN makes a stronger case with five sentences. Fox says, “Proponents say the stakes are high: the gases are believed to trap heat in the atmosphere, contributing to rising global temperatures…” CNN uses stronger language by saying “scientific evidence on climate change continues to mount” and “a broad scientific consensus attributes the rise largely to the accumulation of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.”

CNN discusses the EU and their intended efforts to encourage the U.S. to come on board.

With regard to the administration’s views, CNN’s AP story uses these dated administration quotes:

* In March 2001, President Bush also cited the "incomplete state of scientific knowledge" in renouncing the agreement, although the U.S. National Academy of Sciences subsequently endorsed the scientific consensus about the cause of warming.

* But the Bush administration continues to oppose any post-Kyoto talks. "We think it is premature," Paula Dobriansky, a U.S. undersecretary of state, said … in December in Argentina.

Fox uses these more current administration quotes and comments:

* "We are still learning about the science of climate change," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Tuesday. In the meantime, McClellan said, "We have made an unprecedented commitment to reduce the growth of greenhouse gas emissions in a way that continues to grow our economy."
* The White House has contended that complying with the treaty's requirement could cost millions of jobs, many of them to places like India and China, both signers of Kyoto but exempted from any limits on greenhouse gases. [Note on this latter point, both articles point to the fact that these are the reasons the Senate did not ratify it in 1997. Fox confirms it with a current White House comment with the added bit of information that I underlined.]

As I have noted in previous posts, if you read just Fox or just CNN you are missing out on potentially important information. All news will be biased to some extent.

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