Sunday, February 06, 2005

Nelson Mandela and the Group of Seven

Primarily in this blog I like to compare articles by CNN and Fox about the same events. However, sometimes I notice that there are events that receive uneven coverage. An example this weekend was the G-7 finance ministers meeting in London. CNN ran four articles which are listed below. These articles include related stories about Nelson Mandela’s challenge to rich countries to help the poor. Fox ran no articles on this (as of the time of this post).

G7 considers total debt relief for poorest nations (02.06.2005)
Finance ministers from the Group of Seven industrial nations said Saturday they were willing to provide up to 100 percent debt relief to the world's poorest nations, but insisted that developing countries ensure the money would be spent wisely.
UK in new bid for African aid plan
Britain will make a last ditch effort to win support at Saturday's Group of Seven meeting for its plans to lift Africa out of poverty despite a flat rejection by the United States.
Mandela: Rich must feed the poor (02.03.2005)
A frail Nelson Mandela told thousands gathered in London's Trafalgar Square Thursday that the world must do a better job of eliminating poverty.
Mandela: Rich must feed the poor (02.03.2005)
South African democracy icon Nelson Mandela challenged rich nations on Thursday to help end the misery of the world's poorest millions.

Note: The last two articles have the same link name but one is a CNN article and the other is a Reuters’ article that CNN also decided to run.

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