Sunday, February 20, 2005

Operation River Blitz

CNN and Fox both had articles about U.S. and Iraqi forces launching an anti-insurgency operation called Operation River Blitz. CNN ran their own article while Fox ran an AP story. If you just read one or the other, you will miss some interesting and perhaps important information. For example, CNN mentions the difficulty of recruiting Iraqi police officers in Ramadi. Fox’s article talks of Sunni’s who now want to be a part of the political discussion. I think that if you merged the two articles together you would have a nice picture of what is happening. Speaking of pictures, both CNN and Fox have AP pictures to go with the story. CNN has two pictures and both are of insurgents. Fox has four; two are of U.S. soldiers, one is an Iraqi casualty, and the other is an Iraqi soldier. One picture from each web site is shown below. Why are CNN’s pictures just of insurgents? Why does Fox only show U.S. and Iraqi soldiers?

CNN-Insurgents in Ramadi (AP)

FOX-Iraqi soldier (AP)
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