Thursday, February 24, 2005

Pope's Book

CNN and Fox had different takes on the Pope’s new book, “Memory and Identity.” CNN ran a Reuters story and Fox ran an AP story. CNN leads with the headline, “Pope: Gay marriage is ‘evil’.” Fox leads with “Pope recalls brush with death in new book.” CNN focuses on the sensational aspects of the book and mentions three specific issues: gay marriage, abortion (“legal extermination”), and whether or not a communist government was behind the plot to kill him in 1981. Fox devotes the most space to the assassination attempt and how the Pope dealt with that. Some of the Pope’s comments on abortion are discussed. Gay marriage is not mentioned at all in Fox’s AP article but it is the headline for CNN’s article. Fox’s article does say the following which is not in CNN’s article:

In the book, the pope said the countries freed from Soviet domination and communist rule at the end of the Cold War — including his native Poland, which is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic — must resist cultural influences from largely secular Western Europe.

"The basic threat facing Central Europe now is having its identity subdued. ... What is the risk?" he wrote. "It is uncritically falling under the influence of negative cultural patterns spread in the West."

CNN notes some negative reaction, and the Vatican’s response, to the Pope’s comments on abortion and the “extermination” reference.

I know it is obvious to some but getting you news form multiple sources is important.

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