Saturday, February 19, 2005

President Bush to Europe

CNN had an article on President Bush’s upcoming trip to Europe. Fox News ran an AP article. I found a few interesting differences that might be attributed to bias.

* CNN’s headline is “Bush looking to reconcile with ‘old Europe’.” Fox says “Bush aims to ‘invigorate’ ties with Europe.” On the surface those headlines are similar. But is there perhaps some bias in CNN’s use of “reconcile” or Fox’s use of “invigorate”? Fox’s term is more optimistic and positive as is its opening paragraph.

* As I have noted before, CNN seems to not want to highlight Secretary Rice whereas Fox does. This is true in this case also where Fox’s AP article, in the second sentence says, “…plus a whirlwind charm offensive by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, have bolstered the prospects for a trans-Atlantic reconciliation.” Later, Fox refers to “her well-received tour of Europe.” CNN does not mention Rice.

* CNN says this about the term “old Europe”: “Traditional U.S. allies were angered in 2003 by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's reference to them as "old Europe," in contrast to the post-Cold War nations of eastern Europe.” Despite the apparent anger at the term, CNN uses it in their headline and in the first sentence. The term is not attributed to Bush so why did they choose to use it? Is CNN trying to perpetuate that for some reason?

* Fox’s article is longer and addresses more issues that are likely to be discussed.

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