Friday, February 11, 2005

White House "Reporter"

Fox ran an AP story Friday and CNN had their own story on Thursday about a conservative White House reporter’s credentials. His name is James Guckert and there was some question as to how he was able to receive his credentials. CNN has more of a political focus starting the article with a democratic congresswoman’s questioning of the White House. Fox’s story focuses on Guckert quitting. Fox does not even mention the name of the Democratic Congresswoman that CNN quoted, Rep. Louise Slaughter (NY). Here are some details:

* Headlines:

CNN: “White House reporter’s credentials questioned” with a sub-headline of “Man worked for web site owned by Republican activist”

Fox: “White House reporter using fake name quits”

* CNN’s article was twice as long, 773 words vice Fox’s 323.

* CNN’s article ties this situation with two recent cases where columnists had received government money.

* CNN’s article states that “the White House had no comment.” Fox’s article is dated one day later and does have a quote from the White House press secretary. As of this time CNN has not run any additional stories on this with White House comments.

* CNN attributes the scrutiny to the congresswoman and “senior editors of the Niagara Falls Reporter in her Buffalo-area district.” Fox attributes the scrutiny to liberal bloggers.

There is quite a difference in the stories. CNN points more at the administration whereas Fox does not.

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