Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Bush, Fox, and Martin

CNN and Fox ran nearly identical AP stories on an agreement signed between the three North American Leaders: Bush, Fox, and Martin. Since the stories are from the AP, a good portion of the articles are word-for-word the same. I do not know why there are any differences at all but there are. These differences are, I believe, evidence of bias. Here are some examples:

* The first five sentences are identical as are the following 12 sentences with the exception of this sentence which appears in CNN’s version and notes that neither Canada nor Mexico backed the Iraq invasion:

Neither Mexico nor Canada backed Bush's decision to invade Iraq, and that chilled relations between Bush and the two nations early in his first term. Relations have generally remained amiable, however, and all three leaders appeared cheerful when they met with reporters here after their trilateral meeting.

* Much of the rest of the articles were different. Fox has this statement that notes an increasing role by Canada in Afghanistan:

Martin said Canada would not reconsider its decision against joining the U.S. missile defense program. But he added, "The defense of North America is not only going to take place in North America. Canada is playing an increasing role in Afghanistan."

* Fox’s article contained an additional 152 words about Bush’s comments with most of those words being direct quotes.

* CNN had more information on the accord as well as other information from the “Task Force on the Future of North America.”

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