Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Headlines -- Senate bill, Anti-bias law

Just a quick comment tonight on two sets of headlines for two nearly identical sets of AP stories. First, in the bankruptcy bill that passed the Senate, CNN states in its headline, “Senate rejects seniors amendment to bankruptcy bill.” This headline gives the perspective of a Republican majority Senate rejecting something helpful to seniors. Fox’s headline was, “Senate GOP fends off Dem bankruptcy amendments.” That perspective is more like fortunately the GOP was able to successfully hold off the Democrats.

In the second example, the headlines show different ways of saying the same thing for a story in Kansas concerning a municipal ordinance preventing discrimination against homosexuals. Fox says, “Kansas anti-discrimination repeal fails.” CNN’s headline says, “Topeka retains anti-bias law.” Subtle difference but Fox is saying the repeal failed while CNN is saying the existing law stands.

Links to the articles:,2933,149222,00.html,2933,149150,00.html

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