Sunday, March 27, 2005

Iraqi Government

This weekend, Fox devoted more words to developments in the forming of a new Iraqi government (213 words to CNN’s 41 words). In an article Saturday entitled “Official: Iraq gov't may be formed soon,” Fox covered news of U.S. military deaths in Iraq but included a lot of information in the beginning of the article on progress towards a new government. CNN ran an article Sunday entitled “Video claims killing of Iraqi official” in which brief mention of news of the Iraqi government is noted in the “Other developments” section at the end of the article. Here is what CNN said:

A political official says Iraq's transitional national assembly plans to convene Tuesday morning. The 275-member transitional body was to meet this weekend, but the office of Barhim Salih, the interim deputy prime minister, said the assembly will meet Tuesday morning instead.

Here is part of what Fox notes:

"God willing, the government could witness its birth in the coming few days," said Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a top member of the Shiite Muslim alliance that won the most parliamentary seats in Iraq's Jan. 30 balloting. ...

"There are various groups and we're keen that the process of forming the government be quick," he said. "But we're also keen that this birth has all the requirements needed for success."

As of Sunday evening, if you were reading Fox, you would be much more optimistic about how things are going. Is that warranted? Reading CNN would not give you much information. Is CNN purposely trying to avoid good news coming out of Iraq on this matter?

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