Monday, March 14, 2005

Same-sex Marriage: CA

CNN ran an AP story, and Fox News ran their own (with contributions by AP) on a California judge’s decision that the state’s gay-marriage ban is unconstitutional. Both have similar facts but CNN’s article is more one-sided than Fox’s. Both include information on judges in other states making similar decisions in favor of same-sex marriage. CNN does not include recent decisions by other judges against same-sex marriage whereas Fox does. Here are the details:

Both said this:

Kramer is the fourth trial court judge in recent months to decide that the right to marry and its attendant benefits must be extended to same-sex couples.

Two Washington state judges, ruling last summer in separate cases, held that prohibiting same-sex marriage violates that state's constitution, and on February 4, a judge in Manhattan ruled in favor of five gay couples who had been denied marriage licenses by New York City.

That ruling applies only in the city but could extend statewide if upheld on appeal. Similar cases are pending in trial courts in Connecticut and Maryland.

Fox, however, adds this:

Just as many judges have gone the other way in recent months, however, refusing to accept the argument that keeping gays and lesbians from marrying violates their civil rights. A New Jersey judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by seven gay couples fighting to have their unions legally recognized. Most recently, the Indiana Court of Appeals in January upheld that state's gay marriage ban. All the cases are on appeal.

Why did CNN not include the additional information? Maybe that was all that was in the AP article it used. Fox however added the other information.

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