Saturday, March 26, 2005

Terri Schiavo: Catholic Beliefs

CNN and Fox ran updates this afternoon. Both had different information on Terri Schiavo’s Catholic beliefs. CNN has a statement that refers to last rites. Fox, however, does not mention last rites but talks about how Terri’s parents argued that her beliefs were a reason to have the tube reinserted. Here are the statements:


Additionally, Felos said that Schiavo received last rites, which includes Communion, the day the tube was removed, and that a court has ordered that she be able to receive the sacrament one more time before she dies. Felos said no exact time for that has been set, but that the rites would be administered by the hospice priest. He said Schiavo's breathing has been regular and that her death doesn't appear "imminent." He said that Schiavo's remains would be cremated and interred in a family plot in Pennsylvania, where she and her husband grew up.


Schiavo was reared in the Roman Catholic church and her parents have made heavy use of her faith as the basis for the numerous appeals to reinsert the feeding tube that was removed more than a week ago. The Schindlers have argued, for instance, that she should be spared based on statements by Pope John Paul II that people in vegetative states have a right to nutrition and hydration. They say Terri would have obeyed the pope and would not choose to have her tube removed. That argument was rebuffed in the state courts.

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