Saturday, March 19, 2005

Terri Schiavo: photos

CNN and Fox have had pictures attached to their latest articles about Terri Schiavo. Their choices of pictures show bias with Fox being more sympathetic towards saving Terri’s life. Both use the frequently seen picture of Terri being kissed by her mom (although Fox has it on their home page but not with the article). Both use a picture from the protest going on in Florida. But then there is a significant difference in the choices they make. CNN shows a picture of Terri’s husband’s lawyer who has worked to get the feeding tube removed. Fox, on the other hand, shows a picture of Terri’s father plus the two pictures below which depict Terri as more of a real person rather than someone in a persistent vegetative state. One picture is before her affliction where she is seen with her parents. The other is later but she looks to be alert in the picture, more so than the picture of her mom kissing her.

Fox (AP/Schindler family)

Fox (AP/Schindler family video, file)
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