Monday, March 28, 2005

Terri Schiavo: quick update

In looking at today’s articles on Terri Schiavo, I have to say that they are both being reasonably fair. There are some small indications that CNN still seems to favor Michael Schiavo’s position while Fox favors the Schindler’s position. For example, in what appears to be their main update reports today, CNN’s opening sentence (and headline) is about Michael asking for an autopsy after Terri dies. Fox opens with Terri Schiavo “clinging to life” and the parents appealing to the “powers that be.” Concerning the autopsy, CNN quotes Michael’s attorney: “Felos said Michael Schiavo decided to come forward with the autopsy plans for Terri Schiavo after "opponents to carrying out her wishes" suggested Michael Schiavo had an ulterior motive in his plans to cremate his wife.” On this same issue, Fox quotes the Schindlers’ attorney: “…David Gibbs III, said her family also wants an autopsy. "We would certainly support and encourage an autopsy to be done with all the unanswered questions," Gibbs said.”

To their credit, CNN’s article gives several quotes from the Schindlers as well as Michael’s attorney, George Felos (although they never quote the Schindlers’ attorney, David Gibbs III). Fox also ran a separate article about a medical opinion that the video clips of Terri might be misleading people into believing that she has some level of consciousness.

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