Friday, March 25, 2005

Terri Schiavo's Physical Condition

In their updates tonight, CNN and Fox differed in the coverage they had on Terri’s physical condition after she has been off of the feeding tube for one week. Both covered the two points of view but CNN had more information than Fox on comments from Michael Schiavo and his side of the story. Conversely, Fox had more than CNN on comments from the Schindlers’ point of view. CNN has more quotes about Terri being peaceful and in no pain. Fox has more emphasis on Terri being starved. Here are the specifics:

From Michael Schiavo’s point of view:


Felos told CNN that Terri Schiavo appears "peaceful" and "is in her dying process." She is going through what "millions go through during their death process," he said.

Michael Schiavo's brother, Brian, also said his sister-in-law appeared "peaceful." "She's lying there. Sometimes her mouth is agape," he said. "She's not too different from when I saw her the day before."

Brian Schiavo said she appears "withdrawn," but "she is not in pain."


Brian Schiavo, brother of Terri Schiavo's husband Michael Schiavo, strongly disagreed with that assessment, telling a news network that Terri Schiavo "does look a little withdrawn" but insisting she was not in pain. He added that starvation is simply "part of the death process."

From the Schindler’s point of view:


Bob Schindler said that his daughter is showing increasing signs of "starvation and dehydration." "I told her we're still fighting for her. And she shouldn't give up, because we're not.”


… was showing signs of dehydration — flaky skin, dry tongue and lips, and sunken eyes, according to attorneys and friends of the Schindlers.

"Terri is weakening," Bob Schindler said Friday morning after visiting Terri in the hospice. "She's down to her last hours so something has to be done and it has to be done quick." After a later visit, he added: "I told her that we're still fighting for her, and she shouldn't give up because we're not.”

Meanwhile, family members worried that Schiavo was becoming more and more malnourished as the legal battle played itself out. "It's very frustrating. Every minute that goes by is a minute that Terri is being starved and dehydrated to death," said her brother, Bobby Schindler. He said seeing his sister was like looking at "pictures of prisoners in concentration camps."

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