Saturday, March 26, 2005

UK and Iraq

In the last few days there has been inconsistent reporting of some events in the UK related to the Iraq War. CNN has run three stories on a possible cover-up by the British government on the legality of the Iraq War. As of today, Fox has no stories on the subject.

Pressure on over Iraq war advice (03.25.2005)
Prime Minister Tony Blair's government remained under pressure Friday following media reports of a "cover-up" after a document emerged which suggested that Britain's top law officer changed his mind about the legality of the Iraq war shortly before its outbreak.
Straw denies Iraq war cover-up (03.24.2005)
British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has rejected claims of a "cover-up" after a document emerged that suggested the country's top law officer wavered about the legality of the Iraq war just before its outbreak.
Blair accused of Iraq war cover-up (03.24.2005)
Prime Minister Tony Blair faced further controversy about the legality of the Iraq war, after a fresh report indicated the government's top legal adviser changed his mind on the issue shortly before the invasion.

Fox, however, has run a story on a House of Commons report that faults the government for not admitting whether or not it uses information extracted through torture in other countries.

Committee Faults British Gov't on Torture - Friday, March 25, 2005 - LONDON — A House of Commons committee faulted Prime Minister Tony Blair;s (search) government Friday for not saying whether it uses...

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