Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bolton, Part 3

The articles on Bolton’s hearing have gotten progressively more blatant as far as bias goes. Starting with today’s headlines, Fox has “Panel likely to confirm Bolton on party line” compared to CNN’s “Ex-intelligence official: Bolton bullied analyst” with a sub-headline of “U.N. nominee blasted at Senate hearing.” Fox notes that there was “scathing testimony” against Bolton but Fox clearly has Bolton on the road to being appointed with comments like this that are not found in CNN’s article:

John R. Bolton appeared a step closer to confirmation …

But the pivotal Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, said he was "still inclined" to vote to confirm Bolton, … The Constitution gives Bush considerable leeway to name ambassadors and "I see the bar as very high" for rejecting his choices, Chafee told reporters after the hearing was adjourned.

With Republicans in the majority, Bolton's nomination could be approved by the committee Thursday or early next week. Bolton was probably more vulnerable in the committee because Republicans outnumber Democrats there only 10-8. They have a safer margin, 55 to 44 with one independent, in the full Senate.

Dodd said in an interview, "If this isn't enough I don't know what you can do" to derail the Bolton nomination. But he said he had not been told that any Republican would oppose confirmation.

The chairman, Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., said the "paramount issue" was giving President Bush the nominee he wants to undertake reform at the United Nations. "Bluntness may not be very good diplomacy, but on occasion it may be required," Lugar said as the hearing drew to a close.

CNN has stronger negative information from Democratic Senators Boxer and Biden as well as Carl Ford who testified against Bolton. CNN adds some comments from Monday’s hearing as part of that. Here are some staements used by CNN but not found in Fox’s article.

From Senator Boxer: "My overall assessment, Mr. Bolton, is that you have nothing but disdain for the United Nations. It's hard for me to know why you'd want to work at an institution that you said didn't even exist."

From Senator Biden: "We need a strong voice in New York who knows the U.N. and who can advance our reform agenda. But we don't need a voice which people may not be inclined to listen to," Biden said. "And I fear that, knowing your reputation -- and your reputation known well at the U.N. -- people will be inclined to tune you out."

From Carl Ford, Jr.: "There are a lot of screamers that work in the government, but you don't pull someone so low down in the bureaucracy that they are completely defenseless. It's an 800-pound gorilla devouring a banana. The analyst was required simply to stand there and to take it."

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