Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Compromise on Judicial Nominees?

CNN and Fox News had articles this morning on attempts by Senate leaders to reach a compromise on judicial nominations. It seems to me that Fox’s perspective has Senators Frist and Reid working on an agreement together while CNN has the initiative with Democratic Senator Reid. Fox’s headline is "Frist, Reid Try for Judicial Nom Agreement" while CNN’s headline is "Reid seeks compromise with Frist on judges." The first sentences keep those same perspectives:

FOX: The lobs from the two Senate party leaders have been coming fast and furious, but Minority Leader Harry Reid and Majority Leader Bill Frist have apparently been working on a truce behind the scenes.

CNN: The Senate's top Democrat said Monday he is still working with his Republican counterpart, Majority Leader Bill Frist, in hopes of defusing a standoff over some of President Bush's judicial nominees.

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