Saturday, April 16, 2005

Global Warming Coverage -- Part 2

Two months ago I reported that CNN had more coverage on global warming than Fox News. On February 12th I checked the previous 30 days and found that CNN had 11 articles to Fox’s four ( That trend continues as I check it again today for the last 30 days. CNN has 11 articles to Fox’s three. Of the three Fox articles, two are from its “Junk Science” section.


Seeking solutions to a cooler planet (04.15.2005)
The answer to global warming may be blowing in the wind. It's probably also driving on four wheels and could be in your next tank of gas.
Canada plans to cut greenhouse gases (04.13.2005)
Canada plans to spend about $10 billion (US$8 billion) over the next seven years to meet Canada's Kyoto targets under an implementation plan released Wednesday.
Past may hold clues to climate's future (04.12.2005)
Climate change could have drastic consequences.
University to research melting polar ice caps (04.12.2005)
A new federally funded center will give the University of Kansas a prominent role in researching global warming, the melting of polar ice caps and their effects on the world's climate.
Greenhouse gas market to slow global warming (04.08.2005)
Hot air is now for sale.
The science debate behind climate change (04.08.2005)
Is global warming really a threat?
Challenges ahead for a changing Earth (04.08.2005)
In 1969, the Cuyahoga River flowing past Cleveland, Ohio, caught fire and burned noxious sludge from steel mills, paint factories and sewage plants. In California, an offshore drilling rig stained the coast of Santa Barbara with more than 3 million gallons of crude oil. The skies of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home to the nation's steel industry, were so dark with soot that drivers sometimes had to turn on their headlights during the day.
Commentary: Global warming sizzles in pop culture (04.08.2005)
Amid the devastation of World War I, French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau famously proclaimed, "War is far too important to be left to the generals."
A truly global problem (04.08.2005)
While the recent implementation of the Kyoto Protocol marked a key milestone, international accord on how best to address climate change remains elusive, as doomsday scientific forecasts clash with thorny political realities.

Report: Earth's ecosystem at risk (04.08.2005)
Humans are damaging the planet at an unprecedented rate and raising risks of abrupt collapses in nature that could spur disease, deforestation or "dead zones" in the seas, an international report said on Wednesday.

Government to track greenhouse gas reductions (04.08.2005)
The government will start keeping track of all the "greenhouse" gases that farmers and foresters voluntarily reduce to help combat global warming.


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