Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Iraq: Optimism or Pessimism

Readers would have different perceptions on the latest update in Iraq if they just read only CNN or only Fox News. Fox ran an AP story with the headline “Iraq prepares to name new president.” CNN ran its own story with the main headline of “Car bombs kill U.S. soldier; Iraqi.” The sub-headline has to do with a new Iraqi president: “Kurd expected to become president while Saddam watches.” CNN opens with “Iraq’s political process inched forward as violence continued…” saying, in effect, that progress is slow and there still is a lot of violence going on. After talking about the violence they move to news on the Iraqi government. I am not saying that CNN is wrong, just that they chose to lead with the violence. Fox also had choices and they chose to lead with progress on the new government and was more celebratory in tone as seen by this opening sentence:

Ousted dictator Saddam Hussein will be able to watch from his Baghdad jail cell as Iraq's newly elected parliament chooses a new president Wednesday, the next step in building Iraq's first democratically elected government in 50 years, Iraqi officials said.

Fox then covers the violence later in the article.

So, if you read Fox you would probably be more optimistic on Iraq and if you read CNN you would be more pessimistic.

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melissa apperson said...

cool mr. jorgensen. mr. townsend sent me to look at your blog very interesting i did not know what one was so good luck. by the way i think that it is good that you are informing people on whats realy going on.

Anonymous said...

I am aware that there is a difference between CNN and Fox but do you think that it is connected with the parties. That is if Kerry had won would Fox still be opptimistic?