Friday, April 01, 2005

Missing Classified Documents

Sandy Berger, Formerly President Clinton’s top national security aide, pled guilty to taking classified documents. CNN ran an AP story and Fox ran their own. There are a few interesting differences in the articles with regard to mention of Clinton. CNN’s headline was “Sandy Berger pleads guilty to taking classified material.” Fox, however, connects him to President Clinton with its headline of “Former Clinton Aide Pleads Guilty to Taking Classified Docs.” Also, Fox has this information at the end of its article which is not in CNN’s article:

"In his plea, Berger also admitted that he concealed and removed his handwritten notes from the Archives prior to a classification review, in violation of Archives rules and procedures," reads the DOJ statement. "Those notes have been returned to the government."

But still missing are drafts of a sensitive after-action report on the Clinton administration's response to a failed terror plot to blow up the Los Angeles International Airport during December 1999, otherwise known as "the Millennium plot."

One source told FOX News that the report was critical of how the Clinton administration handled Al Qaeda threats to the U.S. homeland and that the missing report made security recommendations that were never implemented.

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